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At the House of Meissen, kids have a wide range of opportunities to learn more about porcelain in an engaging and playful way. With the Meissen Safari for tots and the Tablet Rally for kids who can read and write, our younger visitors can go on an interactive tour of discovery and learn about the history of Meissen porcelain at their own pace. In the Demonstration Workshops, they can see how porcelain is made step by step at the different work stations and learn about the craftsmanship required to create Meissen porcelain figurines and dishware. During Saxony’s school holidays, Meissen offers a special events programme for our younger visitors: in a variety of classes, they are encouraged to get involved and discover the secret of Meissen porcelain in a playful yet hands-on way – from table settings and cooking all the way to moulding and painting porcelain.

Five Senses Tour

Can you hear and taste porcelain? What does it smell like when it’s being painted? What does a figurine feel like when you touch it while blindfolded? The “Five Senses Tour” allows children to learn the answers to all these questions and many more in an informative and engaging way, taking them from beginners to skilled experts in no time at all! In the demonstration workshops, children and their parents – as well as groups of pupils from the beginning of autumn break until the end of March – will have the chance to explore Meissen porcelain using all five senses: sight, touch, smell, hearing and tasting. The fascinating tour teaches children what porcelain paste is made of, how it takes shape, and how Meissen porcelain is manufactured, all in a playful and fun way.

This event is only in German available!

Tablet Rally

Tablet rally, Treasure hunt and MEISSEN Safari

The Museum of the Meissen Porcelain Foundation exhibits porcelains from over 300 years of manufactory history. Room by room, the exhibit vividly illustrates the works of the oldest porcelain manufactory in Europe.

Aimed at school children who can read and write, we offer an interactive treasure hunt with tablets. While on the exciting discovery tours through the museum, children learn the many secrets about the famous Meissen porcelain and, with the right clues, find a treasure made of Meissen porcelain at the end of the hunt. A treasure hunt with a map (in German language) is also available.

For pre-school tots, the House of Meissen offers a safari, on which children explore the premises of Meissen’s World of Experience with crayons and colouring books.

Tablet rallies, treasure maps and safaris are available at any time during the House of Meissen opening hours, no registration needed.

Tablet rally, price: €3.00 per item

Treasure hunt and safaris, price: €5.00 per item

„Mystery creates wonder. Wonder creates learning. At MEISSEN, children are encouraged to participate and delve into the secret of Meissen porcelain in a playful way.“

A bull in a china shop? Not here! – An etiquette class for Children

Manners are as good as gold. In a small etiquette class at Meissen, children can learn the do’s and don’ts of setting a table as well as proper table manners. Where does which plate go? How do I fold a napkin? How should I sit at the table? How do I use silverware correctly? Using vivid examples and fun stories, children learn first-hand the do’s and don’ts at the dinner table. After a brief introduction, the children will have the chance to set a table themselves using Meissen porcelain. Once the table is set, they will be served cocoa and cake, and will have the chance to put their freshly acquired skills into practice. At the end of the day, and as a small memento, every child will receive a certificate.

Price: €19.00 per person

This event is in German, booking for groups in English is available, please kindly contact our visitor services:



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