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The Museum of the Meissen Porcelain Foundation displays works from the manufactory’s 300 years of history. The collection tells the rich story of Europe’s oldest porcelain manufactory.

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Meissen Porzellan-Stiftung GmbH

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New “Pining For The Far-Away” exhibition Touring the World in Porcelain Exhibition

New “Pining For The Far-Away” exhibition Touring the World in Porcelain Exhibition

There is a long tradition of pining for the far-away in European porcelain. Three centuries ago, artists at Meissen based their first models of Chinese, Japanese and Persian citizens on travel reports and copperplate engravings.

Europe’s outward-looking princes surrounded themselves with images of distant civilisations, whilst the nimbus of the Orient was captured in figures from the Arabian Nights. The 21st century, meanwhile, sees Indian artist twosome Thukral & Tagra bring the far-away onto Meissen porcelain in a new guise. Conspicuous shapes, exotic colour schemes and fanciful scenes adorn their pieces and also act as an antidote to pining for places we are unable to visit at present on account of the pandemic.

The world‘s first organ made of MEISSEN® porcelain

The world’s first organ to feature pipes made of MEISSEN Porcelain is a consummate example of porcelain art.

Augustus the Strong, founder of the Manufactory, had commissioned an organ with porcelain pipes to be made way back in the early 18th century. It was not until the year 2000 that the job was completed, though.

Guests from all over the world have been succumbing to the magic of music produced by MEISSEN Porcelain pipes ever since.

Listen to the contrast between wooden, metal and porcelain pipes, when they guide through ages like the museum does.

Dates: by prior arrangement
Price: € 200.-/group, € 1.- seating per person if group consists of more than 30 persons
Duration: 15-20 minutes


The world‘s first organ made of MEISSEN® porcelain
Digitally relive the invention of Europe’s first porcelain

Digitally relive the invention of Europe’s first porcelain

In a new exhibition area, the Museum lets visitors delve into the mysterious origins of Meissen porcelain with the aid of a special multivisual presentation.

Dynamic lighting and vivid projections combine with historical exhibits in finest porcelain and, at their heart, the “Philosopher’s Stone” to bring the space dramatically alive. Text inserts and film sequences allow the Meissen Manufactory’s genesis more than 300 years ago to be interactively experienced – visitors learn much of interest about Johann Friedrich Böttger, famous alchemist and inventor of Meissen porcelain, and those who assisted him. There is no extra charge for this presentation, which can be viewed in either German or English.

„From "Snowball Blossoms" and the "Swan Service" all the way to contemporary sculptures – the Meissen manufactory’s legacy is unparalleled in the history of European porcelain.“

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