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Tour for the Special Exhibition "Bones, Timber & White Gold"

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Special Exhibition in the Museum - Bones, Timber & White Gold

15 March to 20 October 2024

Tour: every first Saturday of the month at 11:30 am (except September)

This tour is available in English as well. Please kindly contact our visitor service for a booking. 


(1) Reduced: schoolchildren, trainees, students, guests with severe disabilities from 50 - 100%

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Budding artistic creatives have put unusual projects to effect in the studios of the heritage-rich Meissen Porcelain Manufactory. They are not new to working with ceramic materials, having already furnished ample evidence of their talent in courses of specialised study and actual works. They all won Richard Bampi Prizes in 2022. During subsequent periods spent in the Meissen Manufactory’s studios, they got to know how the place ticks and exploited its great potential for their own creations. The exhibition covers works by Helena Sekot, Philsoo Heo and David Torres and provides insights into the creative processes involved.

Helena Sekot adapts typical Meissen shapes in images that beckon responses from their beholders. Philsoo Heo derives inspiration from wood. He morphs its fissured surface into bulkily elegant porcelain. Large-format sculptures by the Colombian David Torres reference the history of Meissen porcelain whilst also addressing stereotypes; “white gold” may stand for porcelain in Germany but in Colombia it’s a byword for cocaine.

Duration: approx. 1 hour

Photo: pattern trials for unicorn skull by David Torres, 2023, copyright: MPS, photographer: Maik Krause