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Richard Bampi Prize 2022

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Exhibition for the Richard Bampi Prize 2022 for the Promotion of Young Ceramists

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Richard Bampi Prize 2022

Young ceramists resident in Germany will be presenting their unique, innovative work at MEISSEN, a venue that acts as a fittingly glamorous backdrop for superbly crafted Meissen porcelain. You will be able to gain exciting insights into the work of budding artists and at the same time encounter a wealth of contrast between traditional and more modern formal idioms.

Gesellschaft der Keramikfreunde e.V. will be awarding the Richard Bampi Prize, worth €15,000 in total, for the 16th time in 2022. The competition is being run in cooperation with the Meissen Porcelain Foundation and the Meissen State Porcelain Manufactory.

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